Albert Molina

"My artistic goal is to create hand sculpted one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces that are functional, visually stunning, and reflect the beauty and simplicity of the Hawaiian Islands.
The Land & Ocean tone glazes help to create truly unique artwork for my discerning clients."

Albert Molina grew up in sunny Southern California. His introduction to ceramics occurred in elementary school and since then he has ventured into various other mediums including oil, acrylic, and pen. His first love, however, has always been ceramics.

After receiving an art education at Los Angeles Pierce Jr. College, Albert decided to make a life change and move to Maui in 1977. Following a long absence from the arts, he began taking ceramic classes at the University of Hawaii and Maui’s Hui No'eau Visual Art Center. He excelled in unique and original designs as well as astonishing glass like glazes that have been compared to blown glass due to the quality and intensity of color and sheen. Albert was hooked and would work at the college studio late into the night until he perfected throwing on the wheel.

He was encouraged by friends to sell his work but like most artists, didn’t feel his work was marketable. He gave in to the idea and shortly after was accepted into his first craft show at Napili Market Place in 2003. Since then he’s shown his work at the Lahaina Banyan Tree and other craft shows throughout the island, and several galleries, design centers, and tile stores on Maui and Oahu.

While selling ceramics at Lahaina Banyan Tree, a fellow artist suggested that Albert apply relief designs to his ceramics with a Hawaiian theme. The relief concept can now be seen on plaques, platters, bowls, and his famous above vessel sinks. With the success of relief designs, Albert has had to forsake wheel throwing all together and focus on relief designs to meet the demands of his clients.

The origin of the above vessel sink idea was discovered rather serendipitously. Back in 2004, Albert’s friend invited him to the home he was a caretaker for. This beautiful multi-million dollar home is on spectacular Makena Beach peninsula overlooking Alalakeiki Channel, Molokini Crater and the island of Lanai, with Haleakala Crater out the backdoor of this beachfront property. Albert said, “As I explored this lovely home, I walked into the powder room and there sitting on the bathroom counter was this incredible unique above vessel sink made of clear acrylic. It had pieces of colored acrylic mixed into this clear. It was an amazing and very impressive sink. The visuals of colors blending were like that of a fireworks show, random but controlled manor. Next thought was that I could make that above vessel sinks and I know I could do it better. Arrogance aside I just knew the beauty that various glazes have over acrylic. Glazes have such an intense array of colors with a sleek shine factor”.

With no other known artists in Maui designing sinks to refer to during process development, Albert relied on trial and error. Finally, after roughly five years of development, he curated a process for the above vessel sinks he found a dependable and cost affordable method. Once the basic design was established, the addition of Albert’s trademark relief designs took place and customers reacted positively.

His full line of above counter sinks and backsplashes bring authentic Hawaiian style into bathrooms and kitchens. Available in an almost limitless array of colors and glass-like custom finishes, they are skillfully embellished with creative relief designs. And of course Maui Ceramics is always eager to incorporate custom design requests as well.

Soon, the slab roller Albert and his team are introducing a new Porcelain Stone series of elegantly hand crafted tiles, platters, plaques and bowls that capture the essences of nature. The tiles add a thoroughly inventive dimension to traditional decorating and building materials.

Albert’s studio is based in Wailuku, Hawaii, on the island of Maui. He and his team work diligently in the studio designing new pieces and enhancing older designs. With progression and customer demand high, a line of large panels with abstract colors designs have been added to the collection.