About The Artist

Albert Molina – Ceramist at Maui Ceramics

Maui Ceramics presents ceramist Albert Molina who has been enjoying the “Island Life” on Maui for almost 40 years. Although based in Wailuku, HI on the island of Maui, his pieces are represented in galleries all over the Hawaiian Islands, nationally and internationally, including the Philippines, England and Canada.

“My artistic goal is to create designs that reflect the beauty and simplicity of Maui, allowing the Earth tone glazes to create one of a kind ceramic masterpieces”

– Albert

Albert Molina grew up in Southern California. His first introduction to ceramics occurred in grade school at the age of eight. Since then, he has ventured into various other mediums such as oil, acrylic and pen. However his first love has always been ceramics.

In 1977, after he acquired his art education at Los Angeles Pierce Jr. College, he moved to Maui. In 1999, following a long absence from the arts, he began taking ceramic classes at the University of Hawaii Maui and Hui No’ Eau Visual Art Center. He excelled in unique and original designs as well as astonishing glass like glazes that have been compared to blown glass due to the quality and intensity of color and sheen.

Realizing that he wanted to make his living in ceramics, in 2004 he started Ceramic Designs by Albert.

Ceramic Designs by Albert

70 Central Ave Suite B
Wailuku, Hawaii, 96793
Phone: 808.633.3396
Email: albert@mauiceramics.com