Bathroom Vanity with Sink, Handmade Ceramic Sink, Tropical Decor, Bathroom Sinks, Abstract Color

A flashback for anyone engaged in the groovy 60’s {Psychedelic Area} will enjoy my new collection of psychedelic ceramic designs with splashes of bright Blues, vibrant blacks, rain-forest greens, deep yellows, and soft pinks on individual above vessel sinks, tiles, bowls, and wall hanging panels the list is extensive. I didn’t miss the 60’s I was raging during that time so it’s easy for me to present this groovy collection of old nostalgia and new artistic hand-made original ceramic art in this year 2020. Who would have known I would still be alive. The clay body is stoneware and porcelain; stoneware clay provides the ultimate in strength and the porcelain allows the glaze to explode with a high glass-like sheen enhancing every color on each individual piece.

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