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My ceramic Hawaiian sea turtle wall hanging, kitchen backsplash tiles, and bathroom shower tiles are handmade on the island of Maui, Hawaii. I have entitled this unique turtle design (Hawaiian Sea Turtles Journey) since these turtle’s swim throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The glazes have a beautiful vibrant combination of colors that will complement any entranceway, living room, bathroom shower, office decor, or kitchen backsplash motif. And can be used indoors or outdoors in freezing or desert temperatures.

My unique relief technique in designing my turtles accentuates the intricate anatomy of the turtles. I also attached a durable wire hook to the backside of each ceramic piece for safe and secure hanging. The clay body combines porcelain and stoneware clay; porcelain gives the glazes a vibrant, shining luster. The stoneware gives the ceramic pieces incredible durability; the glazes are non-toxic, and the colors will last forever. Bring some Aloha into your life from Maui!

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