Abstract Ceramic Circular 22" Wall Hanging Plaque, Abstract Wall Art Decor, Abstract Art, AB12


As a ceramist designing abstract art I use the highest quality glaze to generate the most unique and thrilling effects. Each piece has five or eight individual glaze colors, They are carefully layered {sometimes on top of each other and other times side by side, or a combination of both} to achieve optimum effects. The kiln has to reach 2100 plus degrees so the glazes can melt to my specifications. This extremely high temperature will actually cause the glazes to not only flow on top of the surface of the piece as it melts {while in the kiln} but will cause the blending and swirling movement within the glazes to create an array of delightfully and unique hues I can’t anticipate. The flow of the glaze is similar to lava flowing along a flat surface but at a much smaller level. This procedure allows each piece to be distinct in its own remarkable way producing an array of colorful vibrant patterns. The flowing/blending of the glazes at this high temperature is a pure art form in its own dimensional way.

The actual clay body is composed of porcelain and stoneware. The stoneware gives the clay body incredible durability, and the porcelain surface allows the glazes to reach a magnificent shine in spectacular hues. The high-quality glaze will also protect the surface from hot desert temperatures or freezing temperatures guaranteeing a lustrous surface as well as consistently brilliant hues for years to come. Over the years I continue to enhance the ceramic designs by combining various glazes to heighten the dynamic shine and luster produce by the glazes

Abstract art is open to individual interpretation, and that is one of the many facets collectors embrace and appreciate in acquiring abstract art to add to their beautiful art collection. Abstract art silently yet effectively provokes one to have an open and inquisitive mind to walk down the path the artist was inspired to explorer. Abstract, as well as other art forms, enrich a viewer's experience and appreciation for the world of an artist.

My unique and beautiful Abstract handcrafted pieces are designed at my studio “Ceramic Designs by Albert” on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Measurements are approximately 22” weight 11 lbs. When this particular piece is sold, the turnaround time to create another piece takes from start to finish approximately 5 to 7 weeks.

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Albert Molina

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