Hawaiian Ceramic Mahi Mahi Wall Art Motif


My ceramic five-panel Maui dolphin design has a most magnificent combination of five to eight individual glazes {non-toxic}. They’re carefully layered {sometimes on top of each other and other times side by side or a combination of both} to achieve optimum effects. The extremely high temperature will cause the glazes to not only flow on top of the surface of the piece as it melts {while in the kiln} but will cause the blending and swirling movement within the glazes to create an array of delightfully and unique hues I can’t anticipate. The dolphin is hand-sculpted, accentuating the fine detail of the dolphin fins and body giving it a unique 3D effect. I entitled this lovely sea life art “Maui Mahi Mahi Journey” and will be sure to complement the décor of your entrance-way, living room, bathroom, kitchen, office, and can be hung indoors or outside regardless of the temperature.

Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 50 × 2.5 in