Modern Bathroom Vessel Sink, Coastal Beach House Bathroom Vanity, Whale Bathroom Decor, Hawaiian Whale Artwork


This beautifully hand sculpted ceramic stoneware above vessel sink captures a playful moment in time when eight whales were forever caught in a synchronized dance, making for a wonderfully tender focal display in any kitchen or bathroom. Composed of both porcelain and stoneware for durability and allowing glaze to have a crystallized appearance. This exquisitely designed sink is as durable as it is high gloss sheen. Whether your home is a tropical beach getaway or tuck away in the Ozarks, this remarkable teal green Maui humpback whale piece will splendidly accent any room it’s mounted in.

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As an artist, Albert looked for a unique artistic design concept to stand out from other ceramic artists. He reached that goal with his dazzling sink designs. How Albert came up with those original vessel sink designs involves a little serendipity.

Back in 2004, a friend invited him over for a barbecue. He lived in a beautiful multi-million dollar home on the spectacular Makena Beach peninsula. Sunrises looking out back at Haleakala Crater and sunsets across the Alalakeiki Channel with Molokini Crater and Lanai island in the foreground. As Albert explored this lovely home, he walked into the powder room, and there perched atop the counter was this incredible unique vessel sink made of clear acrylic. It had pieces of colored acrylic mixed into the clear, a unique and very impressive sink. The visuals of colors blending were like that of a fireworks show, random but controlled. It was like a light came on; Albert knew right away he could build an above-counter sink that would shine with fabulous glazes and whales and turtles motif and look as if you were looking down through dappled sunlight at these denizens; of the deep! They would be remarkable.

After years of trial, error, and development, he curated a process for his line of unique vessel sinks; customers LOVE them, and sales took off!

His entire line of above counter sinks and backsplashes bring authentic Hawaiian style into bathrooms and kitchens. They are available in an almost limitless array of colors, glass-like custom finishes, and skillfully embellished creative relief designs. And, of course, Maui Ceramics is always eager to incorporate custom design requests as well.