Blue Bathroom Sink Above Vessel Vanity


In rich, vibrant periwinkle and royal blue hues, this remarkable hand-sculpted scalloped rim sink would make for a beautiful addition to your modern, tropical, or beach getaway-themed kitchen or bathroom. With a spectacular high gloss finish crafted from combined porcelain and stoneware clay, this above vessel sink is lustrous; looking to adorn your home for the enjoyment of you and the family, my vessel sink will do it.

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Blue bathroom sink above the vessel vanity sinks lavishly feature an assortment of blues, aqua, and periwinkle, with a splash of white and yellow. The bathroom sinks will be designed with a beach house getaway theme. They are handmade in my studio located in Maui Hawaii becoming a one-of-a-kind bathroom masterpiece. This particular bathroom sinks were inspired by the dynamic Maui Ocean royal blue colors. The sink would make for a beautiful addition to your modern, tropical beach getaway home. The clay body is stoneware and porcelain allowing for an elegant glass-like sheen and durability for years to come.

Vessel sinks can be used on top of your counter, recessed a few inches into the counter, and used outdoors, the options are endless, and the weather will not affect the finish or structure the bathroom sink. I’ve also developed a unique collection of bathroom shower tiles to complement your bathroom sink theme.

  • Price $1995.00
  • Outer dimensions: 18.5 inches round by 5.75 inches high.
  • Inner dimensions: 17.5 inches by 5 inches.
  • 1.75-Inch drain opening.
  • Weight 18.5 lb.
  • Clay body porcelain & stoneware.
  • Cone 5 glazes, colors turquoise, green, and blue.
  • Can be directly mounted on the counter, or recessed a few inches.
  • For best cleaning results, use dish-washing soap like Joy, Dawn, or Palmolive, for heavy grime use a non-abrasive plastic sponge if needed.
  • Supreme packaging and boxing ensure damage-free delivery.
  • Free Shipping in the USA in 7-9 days, the shipper is UPS.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 18.51111 × 5.5 in