These pictures have been sent to me by clients who have acquired my ceramic artwork and tiled or hung in the bathroom shower or bathroom wall, then send me pictures once the remodel is complete. As you can see the clients have come up with unique and original bathroom designs to enhance the tropical Hawaii theme. These bathrooms shower have unique Hawaiian themes relief designs such as sea turtles, humpback whales, pineapple, palm trees, seahorses, mermaids, or a contemporary modern style.  You can also use the tile in a outdoor shower, pool, Jacuzzi, or wall hanging in freezing or desert-like temperatures will not affect the structure or the glazes.

The clay body is stoneware and porcelain clay both allow for an elegant glass-like shine and durability for lifelong appeal. Bring a piece of Maui Home!

My artistic goal is to create hand-sculpted one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces that are functional, visually stunning, and reflect the beauty and simplicity of the Hawaiian Islands. They’ll be complementing your bathroom shower.