I collect my driftwood from Paukukalo beach; it is both one of Maui’s most pristine beaches as well as a local hub that surfers, divers, fishermen, and beachcombers all enjoy together. The driftwood complements my Maui humpback whale, Mahi Mahi, Hawaiian sea turtles, and many more ceramic designs, completing that tropical beach home decor. The sizes vary depending on being single or multiple panel designs and if it is multiple panels separate the piece ½ to 1 inch. The relief design will give the artwork a 3D appearance. Custom colors and sizes upon request; glazes are non-toxic, and a wire hook is attached on the back. If used as a kitchen backsplash tile the high temperatures from the stovetop or oven will not affect the vibrant colors. Can be used indoors and outdoors in freezing or desert-like temperatures.