My ceramics plaques are interchangeable they can be hung on a wall, tiled in as a kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower tiles, pool tiles, serving platters, and placed outdoors. The ceramic plaques come in a variety of Hawaiian relief designs (3D appearance) such as sea turtles, dolphins, Maui humpback whales, pineapples, palm trees, dolphins, and much more.

Custom colors and sizes upon request; glazes are non-toxic so you can use them as a serving platter, and a wire hook is attached on the back for easy hanging. Sizes come in a single design measuring 6”x 6” to 25”x9”; large multi-panel designs measuring 23”x 50”  which is a five-panel wall piece. If used as a kitchen backsplash tile the high temperatures from the stove top or oven will not affect the vibrant colors or the clay. Outdoors freezing or desert-like temperatures will not effect the structure or the glazes.

All artwork is created in my studio on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

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