Turts Sink CF-Instal

My elegant hand-sculptured Porcelain Above Vessel Sink, are made of porcelain and stoneware clay. Both clay bodies give the sink incredible durability, strength, and also allow the glazes to have a glass like shine to the surface. They’re made on Maui Hawaii. We have a delightful array of colors to choose from and can custom design the color you desire. We offer a splendid selection of accent pieces to complement the sink as well as the bathroom theme. You can choose to place this sink on top of the counter as many client do and as the photo indicates, or have it recessed a 2 to 4 inches into the counter, your chose. My vessel sink design inspires many clients to create a very tropical Hawaiian theme or western country theme, regardless if they live in Hawaii, Texas, New York, Canada or anywhere else on our beautiful diverse planet.