Abstract Multi-Color Above Vessel Sink

There is only one word to describe the 60’s “Psychedelic”, and that one word is used to describe my new collection of psychedelic ceramics design with splashes of bright reds, vibrant blues, rain-forest greens, deep blacks, and soft yellows on all above vessel sinks, platters, bowls, and wall hanging panels the list is enlist. I didn’t miss the 60’s I was there so it’s easy for me to present this wonderful collection of old nostalgia and new artistic hand-made original ceramic art in this lovely year 2020. Who would have known I would still be alive.  The clay body consists of stoneware and porcelain. The Stoneware clay provides the utmost in strength still allowing the porcelain to explode with a high glass-like sheen accentuating each color on every piece.

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