Ceramic Above Vessel Sink, Double Vanity Sink, Modern Bathroom Porcelain Sink


Both of these handmade ceramic bathroom sinks were inspired by the beauty of Maui ocean sea life. One sink having eight Hawaiian sea turtle relief design and the other has six Maui humpback whale also a relief design, making this bathroom design truly a premier Maui Hawaiian oceanic theme second to none.  What a joyful impression these handmade ceramic bathroom sinks have made for are clients in their memories of their personnel Hawaiian island vacation. These are classic sinks every so vibrant and definitely eye catchers, both having a sensational sculpted design detailing the whales and turtles features.

Made with the finest and most durable porcelain and stoneware clay we can acquire in the USA.  Both vessel sink makes for an excellent addition to any bathroom or kitchen looking for an exciting oceanic beach themed.  With a high sheen that always maintains its unique vibrant brighten colors bringing wonderful memories of your Hawaiian island or Caribbean vacations for years to come.

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Aloha from Maui Hawaii Albert

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